Getting Connected to the Internet

ASU recommends that you commit to “safe surfing” and use ASU’s encrypted wireless network. It’s easy to register, fast, and keeps your personal information safe and secure.

For information and instructions on connecting to ASU’s encrypted wireless network, please visit this website:

If your device will not accept the ASU Encrypted network, please use the links below to connect to ASU’s public network.

Windows instructions to connect to ASU Wireless.

Mac OSX instructions to connect to ASU Wireless.

To connect your gaming console to the ASU network, please see Gaming Online.

To connect a device besides a computer or mobile phone, please see the ASU MyDevices Portal Overview.

If you live on campus and need technology assistance, please contact us via email at or call our support number 480-965-8565.. Helpful instructions for submitting a request can be found here. You can also contact the University Housing Technology Center directly at 480-965-8565 during university business hours.