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Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender Inclusive

Gender Inclusive Housing accommodations are offered within each residential college community and on each campus. Each accommodation request is confidential and follows the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which affords students certain rights with respect to their education records. Staff members cannot disclose personal student information, unless a student submits a FERPA Consent for Access form. Our Gender Inclusive Housing accommodations are predominantly occupied by mixed gender family or sibling, as well as groups members of the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies.

Requests for Gender Inclusive Housing may be submitted at any time of year, though the requests can only be accommodated based on space availability. First-year students who express interest in Gender Inclusive Housing have the ability to self-select a bed space on-campus that is identified as gender-dynamic, when these rooms are available. By expressing interest in our Gender Inclusive Housing at Arizona State University, when selecting a room, you will see options that are coded as both gender-dynamic and options that are available for your own gender.

If gender-dynamic rooms are not available at the time you are selecting a bed space, it is advised that you select something from our limited inventory, and we will continue to work with you to get you into Gender Inclusive Housing if and when spaces become available.

Upper-division students (returning and new to campus) will be prompted to select a space based on their assigned birth sex, when participating in housing selection. Accommodations will be offered and groups/students will be assigned to spaces based on availability. We will continue to work with you to get you into Gender Inclusive Housing if and when spaces become available.

If you have specific students you would like to live with in Gender Inclusive Housing, please use our Roommate Finder tool in the portal to build a roommate group. This allows us to make every effort to keep the group together, in the event we need to manually assign you to a Gender Inclusive Housing space at a later date.

*Lake Havasu Campus Students Only: students can request gender inclusive housing starting the second semester they study with us

Resources for you

The safety of all our residents is a high priority.
Each of the residential colleges do safety programming and activities throughout the year that educate the community members on personal safety, respect for self and others, as well as well-being. We also have front desks that are staffed 24 hours per day/7days a week set up to greet visitors and other guests. Each night, we have staff who are on-call and walk throughout the community multiple times. These community walks are to provide community development for residents and safety and security for the community. We also have staff who have been trained on activating emergency and/or campus resources as needed.

Staff training
Residential Life staff members go through training before students arrive back to campus in August and throughout the academic year. A component of this training addresses issues of developing community for a diverse student population and working with students who have self-identified as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or who are exploring their sexual orientation, gender or other identities. This training is very useful for planning of community development activities and programs, working through roommate/suitemate conflicts, connecting students to ASU resources, and assisting students with college transition issues.
What resources are available on campus that may be of interest to a student who requests Gender Inclusive Housing?

Gender inclusive bathrooms
Most of our residential communities are set up as suite style which means two rooms share a bathroom. Thus it would be a total of 4 residents sharing the bathroom. Only one of our communities, Center Complex (Best, Hayden and Irish), has community bathrooms where there is a large bathroom/showering area that is shared by a floor of residents. There are typically 1-2 community bathroom/showering areas on each floor.

Students who have requested Gender Inclusive Housing may find the following resources to be valuable. This is just a short list of the many resources available at ASU.

  • Residential Life Staff
    • Community Assistants/Community Mentors: Each community has many Community Assistants (CA), which are our undergraduate student leaders who live in the community and assist students in many ways. CAs also have majors in the same school/college as the students they assist.
    • Residential Life Professional Staff: Our live-in professional staff members are called Community Directors or Assistant Community Directors. These dedicated staff members have studied working with college students and often already have years of experience in the field.
  • LGBTQA Services
    • LGBTQA Services exists to help develop a campus community and environment that is based on respect, compassion, and equity for students and allies. Send inquiries to  or call 480-965-9665. 
  • Student Organization Support
    • Student Organization Support (SOS) works with the hundreds of student organizations at ASU. To search through the student organization database.  You’ll find organizations that address a variety of student interests and identities. 
  • ASU Wellness
    • ASU Wellness works to create an environment that focuses on the overall wellness of ASU Students so that each Sun Devil may succeed academically, personally, and professionally.  Visit the ASU Wellness. To learn more about the educational topics, programs, and initiatives addressed by ASU Wellness.
  • ASU Counseling
    • ASU Counseling is available on all four ASU campuses and provides counseling services and resources as an individual or group.  All counselors go through Safe Zone training so as to further their professional development when working with students who are exploring their sexual orientation and/or gender identities.  Visit the ASU Counseling. To learn more about their services.
  •  Safe Zone
    • Safe ZONE is a program designed to increase the overall campus community's understanding and awareness of issues faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning (LGBTQ) and other marginalized persons.