Frequently Asked Questions


Are first year students expected to live on-campus?
First year students live on the campus of their major and are immersed in Sun Devil spirit, pride and tradition. On-campus living at ASU is centered on residential colleges that place you next door to classmates that share your major and career interests. Residential colleges provide supportive, close-knit communities designed to help you succeed at ASU. Priority application deadline for housing for fall semester is May 15th and for spring semester is November 15th.

What benefits come with living on campus?
When you live on campus, you are able to take advantage of the opportunities that are right outside your door. Additionally, residential staff are prepared to help you build the foundation for your next four years at ASU.

Living on campus provides:

  • a 24/7 community of support
  • a place where safety and security are top priorities
  • a residential experience that fosters personal development, meaningful engagement and life-long relationships
  • convenience to academic buildings, student services and campus dining locations
  • fully furnished rooms and community spaces
  • all-inclusive living, including housing, utilities, cable and internet

Connect to an experience larger than yourself. Reserve your housing today and discover the Sun Devil way of life.

What is a Residential College?
Residential colleges place first year students next door to classmates who share your major or career interests. Residential colleges feature programs, events and amenities tailored to your major, including: tutoring, advising, and academic resources. Additionally, residential staff are prepared to help you build the foundation for your next four years at ASU.

You will have an opportunity to continue your learning outside of the classroom by connecting with the faculty and staff in the residential community, participating in peer group dialogues and engaging with academic support activities in a supportive, close-knit community designed to help you succeed at ASU.

Americans with Disabilities Act: Housing Accommodation Requests

Students requesting ADA housing accommodations will need to register first with the ASU Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services (SAILS). Once registered, SAILS will communicate your accommodation requests to University Housing, and University Housing staff will work to book you into an available housing assignment. Depending on your individual accommodation requests, specific community placement requests cannot always be guaranteed.

Emotional Support Animals

Students seeking the accommodation of a therapy or emotional support animal that is not a service animal, in their university/campus residence are required to register with SAILS and follow the standard accommodation request process of submitting documentation that supports the need for a therapy or emotional support animal. In order to be considered for an emotional support or therapy animal, the individual must have a diagnosed disability and the animal requested should be necessary because it alleviates one or more of the identified symptoms or effects of the person’s disability. All accommodation requests, including those for emotional support or therapy animals, are considered on an individual basis. Additionally, individuals with disabilities are responsible for their therapy or emotional support animal and the university may exclude therapy or emotional support animals under certain circumstances.

For more information, see:

  • 701–06 Service Animals on ASU’s Campuses
  • 701–07 Therapy and Emotional Support Animals in University/Campus Housing
  • 701–08 Responsibilities of Individuals with Service, Therapy, or Emotional Support Animals on Campus and Exclusions from Campus

Gender Inclusive Housing Accommodation

ASU houses students within the residential college of their academic major. When a student makes an accommodation request, we do everything to grant that request. We will work with individual students to ensure their housing accommodations support their needs.

For more information on Gender Inclusive Housing, visit our Gender Inclusive Housing FAQ page.

What do I do if I do not intend to live on-campus?
First year students are expected to live on campus, though we will review students’ requests to live off campus if you have extenuating circumstances that do not allow you to stay with us. Requests must be submitted either in writing or over the phone with a University Housing staff member, and someone will follow up with you for more information, as needed. Reviews of living off campus for the first year are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and are not guaranteed to be approved.

Do I have a choice of where I live for my first year?
First year students live with other students from their same academic college within a residential college. These communities are predetermined, though there is sometimes variety in building options or floor plan options for you within that community. Students have until May 1 to change their own room assignments in the Housing Portal. If there are room swap requests after that date, they must contact the University Housing office and we can attempt to address requests, though special requests are not guaranteed. Room change requests submitted after June 25 cannot be processed.

What is the Housing Living and Dining Options process for first-time freshmen?
Once you are admitted to ASU and have completed your enrollment deposit, housing options will be presented to you based on your campus and academic major. You should review your options as soon as you have paid your enrollment deposit to improve your chances of receiving your living and dining preferences. Take a moment to explore your housing and dining options. Our schedule of charges and deadlines will make sure you don't miss an important deadline or step in the housing process.

Through the My Housing Portal, you can access the roommate finder tool and self-select the room of your preference. You will also select your meal plan through My ASU Housing. Through our system, you will be asked to review and agree to the terms of our License Agreement for the full academic year. By signing this agreement, you agree to reside in your on-campus housing assignment for both the fall and spring semesters and are bound financially for the entire academic year. Please read this document carefully before submitting your application.

What are the next steps for housing?

  • Authenticate ASURITE ID by logging onto my.asu.edu
  • Pay the $300 ASU Enrollment deposit (for first-time freshman students)
  • Apply for on-campus housing using the application which is accessible through My ASU or by visiting the Housing Portal
  • For upper division students - pay the Living & Dining Confirmation payment of $125.00, which will have been charged to the student’s account. Students may choose to defer payment if receiving financial aid.
  • Look for the University Housing confirmation of options sent via e-mail and US mail

Is there any space left in the residence halls?
There is a high demand for university housing, and space fills quickly, but we will have the capacity to house all first-year students. There is no guarantee of assignment for upper division, transfer or graduate students.

Is there a Living and Dining Confirmation deadline?
No. University Housing guarantees a space for each first year student.

Priority consideration for non-freshman housing is given to upper division and graduate students who apply early.

I am an Upper Division or Graduate student. How do I apply for housing?
Students admitted as an Upper Division or Graduate student can apply for housing through the Housing Portal. There is a non-refundable confirmation fee of $125.00. Students may choose to defer payment if receiving financial aid.

How do I select my own room and meal plan?
Selecting your own room and meal plan is the most important part of your Housing Portal. The Room Search Wizard directs you to your campus and Residential College or Community to select an applicable building, section, room, and bed. If you are the designated ‘Group Leader’, you need to make sure you select enough spaces for every member of your Roommate Group.
After having a room selected, you are prompted to select a meal plan. Each student in a traditional first year student housing facility is required to carry a meal plan. Without a meal plan selected after selecting a room, the Sparky Meal Plan is the default meal plan selection.
With a room and meal plan selected, you can confirm your application, completing it on both the My ASU Housing and your My ASU checkbox.

Must I have a meal plan?
All first year students are required to have a meal plan. All upper division students who live in a room without a stove are required to have a meal plan.

What are my choice of meals plans?
ASU Sun Devil Dining provides a variety of great meal plan options for students. For more meal plan information, visit sundevilhospitality.asu.edu, email SunDevilDining@gmail.com or call 480-727-DINE.

How can I change my meal plan?
There is a short window of time at the start of each semester for you to change your selected residential meal plan. Read more about them on the Residential Meal Plans page.
You can always add M&G dollars to your account at any time by going to sundevildining.asu.edu. If a student has a documented medical condition or religious dietary observance that does not allow a student to carry a meal plan, please contact us to assist you with a Meal Plan Exemption request..

What if a student chooses not to attend ASU?
Any first-time freshman student that has been admitted to ASU and decides not to attend MUST notify University Housing directly in writing. This can be sent to housing@asu.edu from the student’s ASU e-mail account. Financial penalties may apply. See Schedule of Charges and Deadlines for details.

I am an Upper Division or Graduate student who has applied for housing and decided that I do not want to live on campus/will not attend ASU, what do I need to do?
Prior to check in, students should cancel their housing application in the Housing Portal. If you wish to cancel your assignment, financial penalties may apply. Please refer to the Schedule of Charges and Deadlines.

What is the duration of my License Agreement?
All housing agreements are for the full academic year. A Request for License Agreement Release (LAR) is required from any student who wishes to be released prior to the end of the academic year.

When and where do I check in?
Assigned move-in dates and times will be communicated through your ASU email address. Students will be expected to arrive on campus at their assigned time and location to complete the check in process, receive keys, and receive assistance with move in.

What do I need to bring to check in?
The only items needed to complete your check in are your ASU Sun Card ID and your PRINTED* Fast Pass (the Fast Pass is like your ticket for move-in, and will be emailed to you about 48 hours prior to your scheduled check-in time).

Who can I bring with me on move in day?
Aligned with current health guidance in effect at move-in time, residents checking in will be allowed a limited number of helpers to assist during the move in process. Visitors to any ASU location are expected to adhere to established posted campus guidelines. These include, at present, observing social distancing measures and practicing both hand hygiene and cough/sneeze etiquette. 

What do I need to do before move-in day?
Please review the Before Move-in Day Checklist to complete all priority items before your arrival on campus.

Where can I find more information on what to pack, or not pack?
University Housing publishes an annual packing list on our move-in webpage

Am I able to ship my belongings before move-in?
Your mailbox assignment will be published with your other move-in details in July. You will be able to send items to your address after August 1. Packages will be held until move-in, but not if they are received prior to August 1. Please make sure your first name, last name, and mailbox number (if applicable) are labeled on all packages.
UPS also offers a Home2Home Program for some communities; please visit www.uhome2home.com for more information and determine your eligibility.

What if I am unable to arrive at my assigned move-in date or time?
If your assigned move-in date and time does not work for you, please complete the ‘Alternate Arrival Request’ in the Housing Portal. Your request will be reviewed, and you will be notified if you are approved for an alternate arrival. Please note, early arrivals are reserved exclusively for students who are participating in documented ASU programs, and University Housing works directly with those group coordinators to ensure all participants are scheduled for early move-in. Please remember, checking in outside of your pre-assigned move in date and time makes you ineligible for assisted move-in.

What should I bring with me to campus?
Your move-in information email you receive in July will contain suggestions of what to bring with you to campus. Keep in mind that you will be sharing space with another student, so it is best to keep to the essentials. Please note, if you are going to bring a micro fridge or mini-refrigerator, it must be under 4.0 cubic feet. If you are going to bring a microwave, it must be under 700 watts.

What should I leave at home?
 Please refer to the Housing Policies and Procedures page for a list of prohibited items.

What will happen during my Move-In Process?
During the check-in process, you will receive a key to your room, a mailbox key or code, and have the building access activated on your Sun Card/Pitchfork card. You will also receive a room inspection form to complete upon check-in. It is your responsibility to record the condition of your room on this form and return it to your hall staff at your hall front desk. Damages not listed on the signed check-in report may result in the billing of your account at the end of the semester.

What is included in my residence hall room?
Every residence hall room is furnished with a bed (see housing.asu.edu for sizes), desk, desk chair, dresser and closet area for each resident, and a set of trash and recycle bins. Cable television connections are provided. Rooms are air-conditioned, and most are carpeted. Although ASU is Wi-Fi accessible, each room includes an Ethernet port for high-speed internet connections. Complimentary washers and dryers are conveniently located in every residence hall.

Are laundry facilities available?
Complimentary washers and dryers are conveniently located in every residence hall. Check with your specific college of residence for locations or visit In Hall Services for detailed information.

How can I rent a micro fridge (combination microwave and small refrigerator unit)?
Visit https://uandss.com/b2c/services/asu/ for more information. University Student Services, Inc. is a University Housing partner. Note: A mini-fridge may not exceed 4.0 cubic feet. A microwave may not exceed 700 watts.

In the residence halls, what are the cleaning protocols? Will both rooms and common areas be cleaned twice daily?
Custodial staff will clean and disinfect rooms prior to arrival (e.g., furniture, appliances, restrooms, light switches, door hardware and mattresses). Students will be responsible for obtaining cleaning and disinfecting supplies and for cleaning and disinfecting their own spaces after initial cleaning.  A list of recommended supplies will be provided to students. High contact surfaces in public spaces will be disinfected at least twice daily by custodial staff (e.g. elevators, door handles, lobby areas).

What if I want to change halls or roommates after I have been assigned?
Room changes/swaps are currently closed for 2023-2024. If a student wishes to change their room location after moving in, hall staff can assist with this process.

How do I move out of my room?

All residents must schedule an appointment with a hall staff member to begin the process of officially checking out of their room, which includes but is not limited to signing checkout paperwork, returning keys and card access deactivation. Residents are responsible for returning their mailbox key to the UPS Store of their assigned mailbox separately. Room keys or mailbox keys not returned will be assessed per missing key. There is a minimum charge of $25.00 for anyone not following the proper check out procedures. Contact any CA or Hall Staff for more information.

Plan to check out of your room within 24 hours after your last final exam. Residents with special circumstances that require them to stay past their determined check out date must contact the Hall Staff to discuss the situation. Written permission to stay will be given to residents on a case-by-case basis. Failure to check out by your determined date will result in financial consequences. All residence halls close the weekend after Spring Semester final exams. Mail forwarding period is 90 days.

How do I submit my $ 125.00 confirmation payment?
(This confirmation payment applies to Upper Division and Graduate students). The $125.00 confirmation payment will automatically be billed to your ASU student account. You may pay with a check, e-check, or through My ASU.

If my payment is a few days late, will my assignment be cancelled?
No, your assignment will not be cancelled, but after 30 days you will begin to accrue late fees on your student account.

I have Financial Aid. How will this apply to my room and board costs?
Financial aid awards will cover your room and board payments as long as there are sufficient funds in your account. If you have funds leftover, please verify that your tuition, room and board, and other fees are paid before receiving these funds.

If all your Financial Aid awards will be disbursed at the beginning of the semester, University Housing recommends choosing Payment Plan 1 (one payment per semester). If your Financial Aid awards will be applied to your bill in installments, University Housing recommends choosing Payment Plan 2 (three payments per semester).

Where do I find out about the apartments, houses and rooms University Housing offers?
Visit the upper division housing section of our website. You can compare amenities, rates and floor plans on the individual pages for each hall.

Can I stay in my current room?
Maybe; many students living in upper division housing will be able to retain their same room. University Housing will communicate with those students who will not be able to retain their room due to Residential College changes. Students living in freshmen halls will not be able to renew to their same room.

What if I miss my appointment time?
It's okay! Appointment times are given to prevent system overload. Once your appointment time comes, you will have access to the system for the rest of that renewal period. If you miss your renewal period altogether, check the renewal email sent to you by Housing for the next renewal period that applies to you.

How do I request a change once I selected a space in online room selection?
You are able to return to the housing portal to change your bed space selection anytime until early May. Self-selection will turn off after this time, and late requests to change will need to be sent to housing@asu.edu. Requests at that time are not guaranteed, due to limited availability. Room change requests cannot be processed after late-June, as we prepare for move-in.

What happens if I don't end up selecting a room?
If plans have changed and you no longer intend to live on campus, you need to cancel your application with University Housing. If you do not, you will be assigned to a bed space if/when a space becomes available, regardless of your preferences. Assignments can be made throughout the semester, as long as there are pending applications.

Can I request a roommate?
Roommate requests can be made on My ASU Housing through the Roommate Finder application. Each residence hall is co-ed by room. All suites (two rooms sharing a bathroom), apartments, and rooms are single gender unless a student specifically requests gender neutral housing through their housing application. 

What if the student and their roommate request two different residential colleges?
In order for roommate preferences to be considered, the first-time freshman student and preferred roommate(s) must have majors in the same academic college on the same ASU campus.

How are room assignments made?
Students are able to select their specific room assignments based on available hall and room inventory through My ASU Housing.

Why do first-time freshman students live in their Residential Colleges?
First-time freshman students live within their Residential College because students that live together, study together, and interact with faculty members have greater academic success. The Residential College living and learning experience offers academic support services (i.e. tutoring, workshops, and advising), co-curricular programs, and a traditional residential community building. Residential Colleges are living and learning communities.
Please note that available space is extremely limited and we may not be able to accommodate your request immediately. Hall changes may result in a change to the amount of your Housing payment.

Is Gender Inclusive Housing available?

ASU houses students within the residential college of their academic major. When a student makes an accommodation request, we do everything to grant that requests. We will work with individual students to ensure their housing accommodations support their needs.

For more information on Gender Inclusive Housing, visit our Gender Inclusive Housing FAQ page.

What if I want to change halls, or roommates after I have selected my specific room and roommates?

You may create roommate groups, select your own room and meal plan on the housing portal at any time. You may change your room assignment on the housing portal until early May. Any changes not able to be accommodated prior to move-in will need to be submitted as a room transfer request in September. You will need to arrive on the move-in date of the residence hall you have been assigned to, even if you are requesting a different hall. 

What is the purpose of my Sun Card?
Your Pitchfork ID Mastercard® Check Card or your basic Sun Card may be required for some services in your residence hall and other areas around campus. It is your responsibility to carry your Pitchfork ID Mastercard® Check Card or your basic Sun Card with you at all times. Do not punch a hole in your Pitchfork ID Mastercard® Check Card or your basic Sun Card or it may be deactivated. If card is damaged, missing or stolen, you MUST report it to cardservices.asu.edu and you MUST report it to your hall front desk immediately. The missing card will be deactivated and the student must obtain a new Pitchfork ID Mastercard® Check Card or your basic Sun Card at the Sun Devil Card Office. Student is responsible for a $25 replacement card fee. Also, when you receive a replacement card, the new card will automatically be set up to work, and the old card will be permanently disabled.

What reasons will someone enter my room?
University staff may enter a resident’s room to respond to an emergency situation or appropriate administrative requirements, including maintenance, safety, health concerns, Student Code of Conduct violations, or to search for university property. Rooms may also be entered during vacation and break periods to verify safety standards or to perform preventive maintenance (replace filters, check facilities, pest control). In addition, University Housing staff will cooperate with outside agencies operating under a legal search warrant.