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What you Need

Televisions must be cable-ready and able to receive at least 80 digital cable channels. "Analog-only" televisions will not work without a signal conversion box. You will also need a working coaxial cable to attach your television to the cable TV connector on the wall jack provided. Have the owner’s manual for your television and a working remote available.

Cable TV Service

University Housing is pleased to provide our residents with expanded basic cable service within their residence hall room. Click here to see the channel lineups.

Installing Your Cable TV

The following instructions are generic in nature and are meant to serve only as guidelines. Refer to your TV owner's manual for specific instructions for your model. Note: Your TV must have a built-in Clear-QAM tuner in order to receive channels on ASU’s cable network. Please refer to the technical specifications on your television in order to locate this info. If you are not sure, you can contact the Residential Life Technology Center with your TV’s make and model and a technician will determine whether or not your television will work.

  1. Connect the TV to the cable TV connector on the wall jack provided using a coaxial cable. If the TV has more than one input jack, select the one labeled "CABLE" or "CATV."
  2. Plug the TV power cord into an electrical outlet and turn the TV power on.
  3. Configure your set to receive CABLE or CATV signals, usually accessed through a MENU or SETUP option on the TV's remote control. Note: Refer to your TV owner's manual for specific directions for your model.
  4. Program the TV to receive channels (usually accomplished using the same MENU or SETUP option used above) by locating and selecting an option labeled AUTOPROGRAM or CHANNEL SCAN. The TV will search through all channels and program the working channels. Note: Refer to your TV owner's manual for specific directions for your model.

Your TV should now receive all the basic Cable TV channels offered.

Connecting Your Smart TV to the Internet

The best way to connect your smart TV to the internet is with a wired Ethernet connection. If your TV does not have an Ethernet port, you may connect it to the ‘asu guest’ wireless network by following these steps:

  1. On your mobile phone or computer and while connected to the ‘asu’ wireless internet, go to and sign in with your ASURITE username and password.
  2. Select “Add” to register a new device.
  3. Give your device a nickname in “Device name” and then enter the Wireless MAC for your device in “Device ID”, and click ‘Submit’.
  4. Connect your registered device to the ‘asu guest’ wireless network.

If you live on campus and need technology assistance, please contact us via email at or call our support number 480-965-8565. Helpful instructions for submitting a request can be found here. You can also contact the University Housing Technology Center directly at 480-965-8565 during university business hours.