Residential Hall Involvement

Get involved in your hall

Among the advantages of living on campus are the many opportunities you have to develop leadership and service skills that will help you achieve academically, in your future career and life.

Getting involved allows you to collaborate and create solutions that may impact the course of your life -- and the lives of others.

Explore some of the ways that you can get involved in your hall and ASU community:

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) works within University Housing and university communities to encourage awareness of the residential student perspective in leadership development, programming, regional involvement, and advocacy. RHA is comprised of a board of directors, individual hall, community, and apartment councils. Through involvement and positive engagement, residents are afforded the best possible opportunity to grow, learn, and establish connections within the residential communities. RHA operates closely with University Housing, the Undergraduate Student Government, and many other on-campus organization to achieve goals, and advocate on behalf of student needs.

Each location has a Residence Hall Association with executive and board positions that students can run for to further enhance their own leadership skills while giving back to the larger community through advocacy, programming, and leadership.


For more information about the RHA chapters at Downtown, Polytechnic, or West Valley, please visit their pages in SunDevilSync.

Residential Review Board (RRB)

At ASU, Sun Devils live, learn, and thrive together. As incredible as living on campus can be, students can at times encounter challenges as they adjust to college life and a new set of expectations and norms. Sometimes, this can result in a student violating a policy outlined by the ABOR Student Code of Conduct or the established University Housing Policies. At their core, these policies are designed to ensure every ASU student has access to a safe, welcoming, and healthy learning environment.

The Residential Review Board (RRB) is a group of students that provides peer-to-peer accountability for students that have alleged violations of University Housing Policy. The RRB meets with these students, discusses the alleged violation(s), and determines students’ responsibility, if any. Students that meet with the RRB have the opportunity to learn from their peers and understand the community impact of their actions. RRB Board Members develop leadership, communication, and decision-making skills.

If you are interested in joining the RRB, please express your interest here.

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) Chapter of the Maroon and Gold: Tempe

The NRHH at ASU promotes dynamic leadership experiences through the values of Service and Recognition. The NRHH Chapter at the ASU Tempe campus finds opportunities for student leaders to be empowered while furthering their impact in communities locally, regionally or globally, while helping others reach their full potential.

Make a difference at your campus chapter of NRHH:

  • Tempe campus: NRHH Chapter of the Maroon and Gold

  • ASU Downtown campus: NRHH Chapter of the Phoenix

  • ASU West Valley campus: NRHH Chapter of the Sun Devil

  • ASU Polytechnic campus: NRHH Chapter of Innovation

Learn more about empowering yourself through service at NRHH.



Get involved in the ASU community

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