Housing Safety and Security

Live and Learn Safely at ASU’s Residence Halls

The safety of ASU’s students, faculty, staff and visitors are among our highest priorities. In addition to taking measures to improve the overall security on each campus, Security features that help students be safe while living on campus include card access points for all outer entrances and access to professional staff 24 hours a day.

On-site Security

Hall safety measures are in place at each residence hall, including scheduled security checks, on-site personnel and security policy enforcement.

On-Site Security Personnel

  • Community Assistants are on duty every evening, including weekends and holidays, to assist in emergency or crisis situations and help ensure ASU housing safety and security. They walk through each building, checking exits, emergency lights, common areas and hallways.
  • Professional staff members oversee security procedures and serve as resources for Community Assistants when needed.
  • Front desks are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by Desk Assistants and Desk Managers who are responsible for answering questions and notifying on-duty staff of emergencies and suspicious behavior.

Security Measures

  • Residents are required to meet visitors at the front desk area before entering the building and are responsible for the conduct of their guests.
  • Each resident must have their valid Sun Card with them at all time. This card restricts access into the residence halls to students and staff.
  • Students are advised of security measures, including not allowing an unknown person to follow them into the building (tailgating) to ensure ASU housing safety and security of all residents.