Winter Break Housing

If you have an active University Housing License Agreement for the academic year, you are welcome to stay with us for Winter Break. 

You are expected to participate in hall closing sessions for your community. Your hall staff will communicate the expectations for your specific residence hall.

If you intend to stay in your room on-campus for any duration of Winter Break, you must notify University Housing. More information about this expectation and process will be communicated to your ASU email in October or November.

If you are not planning to stay for winter break, you are responsible for the following:

  • Clean your room.
  • Defrost and clean your Micro-Fridge/mini-fridge*. 
    • Leave it unplugged, empty, with the door open, tilted with its back to the wall so excess water does not leak out.
    • Do this at least 48-hours before you leave to avoid flooding. Fridges must remain in your room – do not defrost them in common areas.
    • *This does not apply to full-size university-owned refrigerators in apartment kitchens.
  • After defrosting, please plug your refrigerator back in.
  • Dispose of all open food and perishable items you own and remove all food from your room and common areas. Dispose of any holiday decorations.
  • Do your laundry (or take it home) and put it away (piles of clothes can get smelly!)
  • Take trash and recyclables to the nearest trash room.
  • Unplug all appliances, including radios, clocks, lamps, computers, etc. Make sure your alarm clock is unplugged and off!
  • Move all furniture/items away from your heat/AC unit. Facilities staff complete routine work during the break and will not change your filter if your items block their access.
  • Move important items off the floor and away from walls.
  • Secure your valuables. Remember to take home any essential items as your access to the community will be shut off once you check out of the hall for fall semester (medications, passports, tickets, house keys, glasses, seasonal clothing for your destination, etc.).
  • Secure bicycles on bike racks or in your room. Do not leave them in hallways, attached to signs or railings, etc.
  • Report any door or window lock problems to your neighborhood desk before you leave so that your door/window may be secured when you depart.
  • If you are leaving, close and lock your window. (Windows left open may cause pipes to freeze and burst, leading to water damage.)
  • If you live on the first floor/ground floor, close your blinds. If you live on upper floors, leave your blinds open.
  • If room is completely unoccupied for Winter Break, set your thermostat (if applicable) to “off”.
  • Return to their proper place any University furnishings (such as lounge furniture) that are not part of the standard arrangement of your room. Any such items found in student rooms during inspections will result in disciplinary sanctions.
  • If room is completely unoccupied for Winter Break, turn off all lights!
  • Lock your door. Take your keys home with you if you are returning to your room for the spring semester.
  • Don't post anything on your door that indicates you are gone!

When you return to campus for the Spring 2024 semester:

  • Check in at your residence hall front desk.
  • If you are returning after January 8, 2024, email with your intended return to campus date. This will ensure that your building access is not turned off.

Depending on your individual circumstances, you may be eligible for a License Agreement Release. Learn more about the License Agreement Release process here  and submit on the Housing Portal.

If approved for a Spring 2024 License Agreement Release, you must complete your checkout no later than 24 hours after your last Fall 2023 final exam. (If your License Agreement Release request is not approved until after this date, you have 48 hours after receiving your approval notice email to vacate your room).

Any students who have not completely moved out and checked out by January 5, 2024 will incur Spring 2024 Housing charges on their student account.

To complete a checkout, you must:

  • Move all personal belongings out of your room.
  • Clean your living space.
  • Return your room key(s) and check out at your residence hall front desk.
  • Return your UPS mailbox key to the UPS store location that corresponds with your mailbox (if applicable).
  • All approved License Agreement Release requests will have a $500 fee. Spring 2024 Housing charges are only prorated for completed License Agreement Release requests that are approved on or before the Tuition Refund Deadline.

You are not required to complete any steps to remain in your residence for the winter break.

If you are not intending on returning, families will need to complete the License Agreement Release online through the Housing Portal.