Roosevelt Point

Roosevelt Point

ASU University Housing has partnered with Roosevelt Point to provide an ASU-tailored living experience for students in the heart of Downtown Phoenix! You will have access to all resources and amenities within the off-campus property, but with the support and security of live-in ASU staff. ASU has a variety of apartment options available to you, all with private bedrooms and bathrooms. All units are fully furnished and include an in-room washer and dryer. More information for this property can be found at

Roosevelt Point is home to all Downtown Phoenix upper division students, 2nd-year+ Barrett students, and some first-year students, as well.

If you would like to live at Roosevelt Point through ASU University Housing, you must apply through the Housing Portal, not through the Roosevelt Point website.


Community Director

Assistant Director of University Housing
Dan Clark


2020-2021 Rates

Roosevelt PointFull YearFall SemesterSpring Semester
1 Bed, 1 Bath$14,940$7,470$7,470
2 Bed, 2 Bath$11,820$5,910$5,910
3 Bed, 3 Bath$11,330$5,665$5,665
4 Bed, 4 Bath$10,990$5,495$5,495