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Stay Close to Academic Resources

Quiet, convenient and cost-effective ASU family housing is available to students with dependents on ASU’s Polytechnic campus. North Desert Village and South Desert Village residences provide comfortable, cost-effective, child-friendly living environments to keep students near valuable academic resources and campus events, as well as the love and support of their family.

Apply for family housing

The application procedure for family housing is a two-step process that requires documentation to support ASU enrollment and family status at the beginning of the process:

  • Enrollment notification
  • Marriage license
  • Birth certificates of dependents

Step one

Visit My ASU Housing to begin the application process. Select the “Full Year [ACADEMIC YEAR] Family” option. Here, you’ll be able to scan and upload all of the required documents.

The License Agreement for family housing covers the entire academic year, beginning August 1 and ending May 31. When you agree to its terms and conditions, you will be agreeing to remain in family housing for the entire academic year. Please review the License Agreement carefully before signing it.  

Step two

University Housing will contact you after your initial application and documents have been reviewed to complete the application. If you have questions in the meantime, email or call 480-965-3515.



ASU offers family housing for students with families who are enrolled in any Maricopa Community College. Additional policies related to family housing, including rules regarding pets and health and safety inspections are available below.