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Moving out of your hall

Preparing for a successful move-out requires planning and having the right information. Reduce the stress at the end of the semester, follow the steps below for move-out dates, times, and procedures.

If you are not enrolled in a summer class, you will need to check out of your room within 24 hours after your last final.

Checkout Checklist

To complete the check-out process, you must:

  • Return your mailbox key to The UPS Store prior to the check-out appointment (Tempe campus only)
  • Return your room key
  • Complete the final room inspection with a Community Assistant or Community Mentor and sign a checkout form OR Complete the Express Check-out form and sign liability acknowledgments

 There are financial consequences if the proper checkout procedures are not followed.

How to set up your final room inspection?

  • Attend your Community Assistant or Community Mentor’s closing meeting to find out more about the checkout procedures for your specific residential community.
  • Schedule a checkout appointment with your Community Assistant or Community Mentor.
    Allow at least 30 minutes for your room inspection and checkout.
    Your room will be assessed based on the Room Inventory Report that you created at move-in.
    Students who are responsible for damages to a room, furniture or any part of the residence hall will be billed directly for repairs, missing keys, excessive cleaning, or missing furniture or equipment in June. If the damage is a shared responsibility, see your Community Director for specific instructions.
    End-of-term damage assessment notices are emailed to your address. Damage assessments are billed directly to your My ASU student account.
  • Make sure all of your personal belongings are removed from your room prior to the appointment.
  • Take time to clean your room and bathroom.
    Charges will be assessed for damages and cleaning, if applicable. 

*This process does not apply to Taylor Place Residents.

What is express checkout?

Express checkout is available for residents who are unable to check out with your Community Assistant, due to reasons beyond your control. Failure to check out with your CA or refusal to sign the express checkout form does not release you of any cleaning or damage charge fees. Cleaning charges and any damage charges may be assessed to your account and remain your responsibility.


Recycling & Donation

Repurpose and recycle all of the stuff that you won’t need when you move out and Ditch the Dumpster. Help local children and families and donate any unwanted items at the end of the semester.


MicroFridge (Tempe Residents only) 

If you rented a MicroFridge at the beginning of the year, you are required to return it. Make sure your MicroFridges is cleaned, defrosted and at the storage container parked in designated areas during scheduled pick-up times.



After you donate the items that you don’t want, grab a garbage bag from the front desk and clear out any trash from your hallways and stairwells. Your check-out may be delayed if items are found in common areas. All rooms not properly cleaned will be assessed a room cleaning charge. You also may be charged for sweeping trash into the hallways and stairwells.


Mail Delivery

First-class mail will be forwarded for a period of 90 days to the address provided through My ASU. Forwarded mail is slow and it may take two to three weeks to receive mail that comes to your residence hall address after you move out. If you are going to live on campus in the summer, your mail will be forwarded to the new address. Inform your contacts early of your new address to avoid delays in receiving your mail.


Dining Hall Hours

Dining hall hours will change as Finals Week approaches. Visit Sun Devil Dining to stay up to date on service hours in the dining halls and the student unions. 



Bicycles cannot be left on bike racks over the summer. If unclaimed, bikes will be collected by the ASU Housing Facilities. Learn more about summer storage options for your bicycle and other belongings through the UPS Store.



City of Tempe and ASU Parking Services parking regulations are enforced during end-of-term move-out periods. Any unattended vehicle may be ticketed or towed.


Property Protection

Make sure to keep track of all your belongings while you move out if you leave any personal belongings in an open room or hallway, make sure someone is close by watching the items. Do not prop exterior doors open, as it causes a serious security concern for fellow residents.


Packing, Shipping and Storage

Housing does not have available storage space in the residence halls or apartments. The UPS Store offers opportunities for storage of personal property over the spring and summer. 


Room Inspection Report and Damages Charge

You should have completed a Room Inventory Report (RIR) or Unit Condition Form (UCF) upon check-in where you assessed the condition of your room and returned this form to your Community Assistant at the beginning of the school year. If you are a resident at the ASU Polytechnic, a Room Inventory Report was completed on your behalf.